• Open Doors
    Open Doors

    I’m tired of getting the run-around. Why do they always say “no” when I ask for help? How do I get what my family member with brain injury needs?
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  • Make Decisions
    Make Decisions

    Is he safe living alone? Am I being too protective? How can I advocate if I don’t even know what he needs?
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  • Find Balance
    Find Balance

    I’m so thankful she survived. It’s just overwhelming. How do people keep it together?
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Learn Advocacy Skills

Complete the short, interactive tutorial.

Asking for services and support can be difficult. Getting a “yes” depends on your ability to communicate. In less than half an hour, learn how to be a more successful advocate. Start with Part 1: Active Listening.

Advocacy? What is that?

Advocacy means communicating with others in a way that gets the services and supports your family member with brain injury needs. It’s knowing where to find help and having people around who can help you. To be an effective advocate, you also need to care for yourself. This program will help you be the best possible advocate for your family member, whether your journey is old or just beginning.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll help you learn where and how to find them. A good place to start is with the Communications Skills.

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